The best of Catalan Sommelier Competition 2012

June 7, 2012 in News

Press Release

Sergi Figueras, sommelier of the restaurant Bravo 24 is proclaimed setstats contest “Best Sommelier 2012 Catalan”

19 participants will compete in the final examination written during the morning of yesterday in the Ferial and Congress Palace of Tarragona.

The Past 04 June, be held as part of the Congress Palace of Tarragona end of the contest “Best Sommelier of Catalan in 2012.”
candidates with a 19 shares of the four provinces Catalanas, sommeliers realizaron first proofing them with 30 questions.
The Questions of this very edition condom variadas, cheeses, destilados, geography wine, varieties, etc..
In this prueba salieron 3 finalists, Sergi Figueres, Toni Lara and Hector Angulo.

At the 17:30 hours and after Sorteo a position to know them from each BETSI them, these finalists realizaron pruebas them whatever the official end of a global level.

Quest 1: Description of products (guided tasting of two wines).

Quest 2: Identification of products (5 products diciendo identify the number, origin, etc.).

Quest 3: Maridaje, (from a letter from them gourmet restaurant to offer contestants habían waters, snacks, wines, destilados, coffee, tea, etc. … segun each of the courses).

Quest 4: Letter error is. The concursante Debi signal from a wine list and that the delivery than those errors for Related to leg, origin, storage, errors ortográficos, etc … tener that stank or not each of the testimonials.

Quest 5: Decantación, the ante Jurado (and all the room) the concursante had to offer, you open, decant and serve a wine, keep them all Standards protocol and service that owes a great sommelier info to view and practice.

The ACT finalización of service and after the deliberation of the Jury is entregaron siguientes Awards:

Finalists: Tony Lara, the restaurant “La Estrella de la Merce” Lleida and Hector Angulo Sommelier Vila Viniteca Barcelona.

Winner: Sergi Figueras, Sommelier of the restaurant Bravo 24, Barcelona (W Hotel). Sergi ya boasts the experience in high level competitions. The last year I reach the Second Square to contest the “Best Sommelier Español 2011″, held at the congress in San Sebastian Gastronomika 2011.