V Contest of Rice Varieties in Cullera City

June 12, 2012 in News

From 14 to June 30 marks the V Exhibition and Food Week of Cullera Cullera which promote rice as food capital.


In the week involving 12 rice gastronomic restaurants in the capital of the Bank to offer a score of varieties of rice dry, mellow, of pot through a menu of 19, 90 euros.

Proposals for the menu you can find here.

Advance booking is recommended, and we recommend you do look good on the menu to avoid surprises, as some establishments include drinks and even coffee, while others are not included.

As for culinary offerings caught our attention the “Croquetas of Cabrales cheese and cabello de angel” offered as a starter in the Restaurante Peque Casa Nostra, since it is a curious combination we had previously heard only from a bar in Seville.

And we also noticed the “Arroz del  Senyoret” that you can try at the Restaurante El Cordobés and Restaurante el Ancla. This rice, for those who do not know what it is, is so called because it has no shell or scrape to remove, so when you eat it it’s all clean.