Welcome to Ambrosia Mediterranea

May 17, 2012 in News

From Ambrosia Mediterranean Gastronomic Association we want to welcome you.

Our intention is to share with you all about the Mediterranean diet and the culture that accompanies it. We will discuss about  food, wine, the pillars of the Mediterranean diet, its benefits and how to recover it slowly and make sure it has a place in our homes.

But we don’t just try to do this with the cuisine of the Mediterranean diet, because as the UNESCO said when named it Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity :

“The Mediterranean diet, whose name comes from the Greek word diaita, meaning way of life, not only includes food, since it is a cultural element that fosters social interaction”

Our goal is that you can enjoy some fun in good company, no matter if ir near the kitchen a glass of wine, or resting a good meal. We want to offer you unforgettable experiences with us so you can enjoy this gastronomic  and cultural legacy that is a true ambrosia for anyone who gets to try it.

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