Wine Tasting by Intervin 2 (Alimentaria 2012)

junio 5, 2012 en News

One of the most special moments of this last Alimentaria 2012, we lived on the third day, in company of Miguel Garcia owner of the Winery’s Call Dani Garcia and outfielder sommelier-creator of “Somnis vins d’a nit.” When we enjoy a Master Class on sherries at the hands of Andres Soto, commercial director of the Fernando de Castilla cellar. He managed to move us all as we explained how and why of each of the types of wines of Jerez, the more conventional pairings and most original. It was a trip to Jerez part of what we live for these barely two hours he was explaining. An invitation to enter a fantasy world where these wines so special all encompassing. We were lucky enough to taste all the wines of Jerez collection of Ferdinand of Castile. This time we will briefly highlight all that all are exceptional.

Fino Classic. No doubt the king of sherry open to the world with the ability to love anyone. Shows a pale golden color very clean and bright, sharp nose and wing features a delicate scent of almonds instead. The palate confirms the aromas while displaying dry and brisk.




Manzanilla Classic. Brother saline Fino, Manzanilla, both start from the same wine but being raised in different areas, one in Jerez de la Frontera and Sanlucar other in their character changes. It has a bright straw color and aromas are clean and more piercing than the fine and characteristic touches that accompany saline granted his upbringing in Sanlucar. It is also a French wine, of these that reaffirm expressed aromas on the nose. As shown the fine dry and light in the mouth.



Amontillado Antique . For me the best of its kind. The amontillado, are wine expert nose of Foreman discovers in them extra power, then decides out of the way of fine, to express themselves as they are. This amontillado about twenty years aging has a rather clear amber really beautiful, the nose is very rich in aromas are spices, dried fruits, aromatic woods and iodine notes. Childbearing years, have tamed all that power and have become an intricate complex of delicate aromas. In mouth is round with some creamy, very friendly atmosphere, and especially deep, very deep.



Oloroso Antique. This wine is unlike other wines of sherry, never tried to be thin and delicate, always wanted to become Oloroso, powerful and deep. And indeed he did. Its color is bright and clean amber. The nose is very aromatic, all kinds of notes are clearly reflecting their oxidative aging. Dried fruits, woods, orange skins in perfect harmony. In the mouth it completely reaffirms what is and has a very long finish.




Palo Cortado Antique. A wine of legend. Also known as a wine that does not look it “happens”. This is a wine that was thin initially, theoretically, for reasons unknown, awakened in him an unexpected power, and are headed back to follow their own path. This “rare bird” a halfway amontillado and an oloroso. It is a real delight. Keeps nose all the delicacy and expressiveness of Amontillado, that in the mouth take the power and depth of odorous. A real wine for meditation. I really have totally seduced and at their mercy. Do not want to leave your tasting notes that can not be described in words as it deserves, try it.


Wine Tasting by Intervin 1 (Alimentaria 2012)

mayo 24, 2012 en News

It’s been an intense week in Alimentaria. So much we still haven’t had time to sit down and write about it.

One of the things we liked most was the tasting roomoffered in Taste & Flavours Intervin area.

Under the name “50 wines for 2020,” Lluis Manel Barba, winemaker, with a Tasting Committee composed of five renowned sommeliers, chosen by the Union of Spanish Associations of Sommeliers (UAES) and the Academy of sommelier & Master sommeliers of Spain (AS & MSE).  They selected 50 wines  based on criteria such as respect for the environment, variety in the soil, increased supply of natural, technical and innovative materials, fruity, elegant and fresh, attractive labels and also the price, since none was over 20 euros per bottle. Looking for the trend which will be created by 2020.

We could highlight them all, since the selection was one hundred percent accurate, but if we had to highlight some in particular we found that for us the ones that stand out are:

Bermejo, a dry Malvasia Lanzarote. White wine with attractive color and complex aromas. Input fruity, with hints of lemon and mango. Stops by mouth gentle and smooth, continues to remind us of lemon, dry grass and peach skin too, and in the end its flavor lasts and lasts in the mouth. It has a marked character of Malvasia.

Edetària, a blend of white grenache, viognier and muscat a little small grain of Terra Alta. Interesting white wine with a floral scent very appealing. Mainly flowers reminiscent of white fruits and very fresh, with some  mineral details. The palate is broad and with an amazing body and creamy feel, is frank in his mouth as they appear the same flavors that we noticed the smell. The finish is fresh and very stylish.

Habla del Silencio, syrah, cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo of Extremadura. Red wine of a beautiful purple color and a very expressive aromatic. At first it gives you the feeling of entering a herbalist, defines complex aromas, soon they appear more or less clearly, nutmegs and undergrowth aromas mixed with currants or gooseberries. The palate entry is very fresh and powerful with an amazing body, reaffirms everything found in nose and pastries accompanied points. After a while the memory still remains in the mouth.

Quest, a blend of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and petit verdot from Costers del Segre.
 Red wine of elegant cherry tones and fine perfume. The nose pleasantly surprised by the sharpness with which enjoy its black fruit and berries with spicy sensations mainly thyme and vanilla. The palate is intense, fresh but without excess, the berries back but this time accompanied by fresh herbs and rosemary. Pleasantly bitter end even inviting.

De tasts per Intervin 1 (Alimentaria 2012)

mayo 24, 2012 en Noticies

Va ser una setmana intensa en la Alimentària. Tant, que els cops de cua d’aquesta setmana, no ens han permès seure i escriure sobre ella, i deixar constància de les pinzellades que més ens han marcat fins ara.

Una de les pinzellades que més ens van agradar va ser l’espai de tast que Taste & Flavours va posar al pavelló d’Intervin. Sota el nom de “50 vins per al 2020″, l’enòleg Lluís Manel Barba juntament amb un Comitè de Tast compost de cinc sommeliers de prestigi, escollits per la Unió d’Associacions Espanyoles de Sommeliers (UAES) i l’Acadèmia de Sumilleria & Màster Sumillers d’Espanya (AS & MSE). Van seleccionar els 50 vins, atenent a criteris com el respecte al medi ambient, varietat en el terrer, major aportació de naturalitat, tècniques i materials nous, fruitositat, elegància o frescor, etiquetes atractives i, a més, el preu, ja que cap superava els 20 euros per ampolla. Buscant el que crearà tendència d’aquí al 2020.

Podríem destacar-los tots, ja que la selecció va ser cent per cent encertada, però si haguéssim de destacar algun en concret, destacaríem:

Bermejo, una malvasia seca de Lanzarote
. Vi blanc d’atractiu color i de gran complexitat aromàtica. Molt fruiter d’entrada, amb matisos de llimona i mango. Passa per boca de manera suau i untuosa, segueix recordant a llimona, també a herba seca ia la pell de préssec, al final el seu sabor dura i dura a la boca. Té un caràcter marcat de malvasia.

Edetària, una barreja de garnatxa blanca, viognier i una miqueta de muscat de gra petit de Terra Alta.
 Vi blanc interessant, amb un perfum floral molt atraient. Principalment ens recorda flors i fruites blanques molt fresques, amb alguns detalls minerals. En boca és ampli i amb un cos sorprenent i de tacte cremós, és franc en boca ja que apareixen els mateixos aromes que notem al olorar-lo. El final és fresc i molt elegant.

Habla del Silencio, syrah, cabernet sauvignon i ull de llebre d’Extremadura. Vi negre d’un preciós color purpura i d’un gran expressivitat aromàtica. Al principi, fa la sensació d’entrar en una herboristeria, complex definir els aromes, al poc van apareixent amb més o menys nitidesa, nous moscadas i aromes de sotabosc barrejats amb groselles o fins i tot cassís. En boca és d’entrada molt fresca i potent, amb un cos espectacular, reafirma tot el trobat al nas i l’acompanya amb punts de pastisseria. Després d’una bona estona encara es manté el seu record en boca.

Quest, una barreja de cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc i petit verdot de Costers del Segre. Vi negre d’elegants tons cirera i fi perfum. Al nas sorprèn agradablement la nitidesa amb la qual es aprencian seves fruites negres com les mores, amb sensacions especiades principalment de farigola i vainilles. En boca és intens, fresc però sense excessos, tornen les mores però aquesta vegada acompanyades d’herba fresca i romaní. Final agradablement amarg fins i tot invitant

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