Sweets of All Saints

November 4, 2012 in News

Every year in late October positions reinstalled chestnuts in the streets. With the drop in temperatures is natural to begin to reappear stews and desserts and sweet high calorific preparing to help fight the cold through food. Today we have many other ways to avoid the cold, but we still proving very sweet attractive.

On the occasion of the feast of All Saints, which takes place on November 1, these are some of the most typical sweet that our cuisine offers:


Panellets are a typical dessert of Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands is traditionally prepared for the November 1, the feast of All Saints, also known as chestnut in Catalonia. They are made with a sweet dough made with sugar, ground almonds, egg and lemon zest, to have a spongy texture. On the outside are coated with egg white, which makes adherent to place a layer of sprockets. The assembly is baked and cooled. There is a wide range of panellets and in many places are added to potato or boiled sweet potato resulting slightly cheaper since the face is ground almonds.



The fritters are dumplings made with flour, butter and eggs which happens to be fried in hot oil. The mass typically has a ball. The fried dough and can even double its volume, it is for this reason they are called by the nickname “wind” (ie swollen). The fritters can be filled with cream and coated in sugar tend to eat. In some bakeries prepare only certain days so be careful if you want to enjoy them.


Holy Bones

The bones of a saint are desserts made with marzipan (almond paste), white and long, cylindrical shape with seeking resemble a bone with marrow, originally sweet fillings are reminiscent of warm yolk. On its surface can make a line to decorate or leave plain. They are a delight that we recommend to enjoy the afternoon with an infusion.

Did you tried it yet this fall? Do you know how to prepare them?
Do you know any other sweet typical of these dates you want to share with us?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and share your suggestions :-)