Why are there wines that we love? Why do we prefer a certain brand of beer to another one?

Not everything that breaks the balance one way is marketing. There is a factor, sometimes forgotten, that is our own taste. We are so used to drinking without tasting what we’re drinking without attempting to elicit or find what is that we like, we just use someonelses criteria to decide whether or not to we like something.

The act of tasting itself is just to learn how to drink and taste things consciously, making us find out why we do or don’t like the drink, learning to be critical and getting away from the influences of a brand or a good marketing.

From Ambrosia Mediterranean, we suggest you that our sommelier iniciates you into the world of tasting, learning the basics needed for a tasting and discovering all that world behind the glass, either in your living room with your friends, virtually while doing an online tasting or from any of the places where we perform our tastings.

Ambrosia Mediterranean invites you to know the value of your own taste.

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