The road between Harmony and Seduction.

“Red for meat, white for fish and  rosé for rice.” Surely more than one has heard of this triumvirate. These rules help to avoid having to venture to decide according to our own taste. But these subjective sensations that brings the taste and smell to the union of good food and good drink, can not be hidden under any “golden rule”.

When we talk about pairing, we must be clear that it is a fluid concept, flexible , it can hold a lot of possibilities and they can all be correct. Tastes are subjective and everyone has their own. What matters is that this combination, including food and drink, have a match that will lead to harmony or is able to captivate and seduce the mind.

The pairing is harmonious when the combination of drink and food reach a perfect state of balance. Whether the flavors and textures complement each other or because the contrast between the flavors end up at the same level and strike a balance when combined.

In contrast, when a pairing is seductive without that balance, which has the harmony, it gets much or even more pleasurable. We can’t  forget that both drinking and eating are essentially social acts and attach to the dish and the wine emotions and sympathies that enhace the flavors and textures.

From Ambrosia Mediterranean we offer you the necessary advice for creating all kinds of pairings, or the training you may need to develop them yourself.

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