The figure of the sommelier or wine taster, is a restoration professional who studies, communicates and service the wine, beverages and /or gourmet products, with the ability to give advice about them.

From the beginning, was considered one of the symbols of the stilish restaurants, but fortunately its presence can now be found in hotels, bars, restaurants, resorts and so on.

Its usefulness both to the public, advising customers, combining wine and dishes, acting as a maître or performing  private tastings; and for the restaurant owner, creating the wine list, taking care of the cellar, moving the stock or training the staff, is increasingly valued.

From Ambrosia Mediterranean, we have found a balance between the classical formulas and the actual tendencies, and we offer the services of our sommelier to advise on the creation of the wine offer, in wine marriages or to train staff.
We offer to the passionate for food the possibility to offer a much more complete experience and to discover how changing they change when accompanied by the appropriate wine for the moment.
We also offer the opportunity to start in the world of wine by learning how  to enjoy it in a wine tasting.

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