New proposal to modify the “Iberic Rules”

June 26, 2012 in News

Our cuisine can be proud of one of the great standards with which we use, and it is the name “Iberian” that comes from our pigs breed and denomination of origin of the products made with them.

Today there are four denominations within the Iberian category depending on the food they eat and the environment in which they grow:


- Iberico de Bellota (acorn):

It is the product obtained from  free-range pigs that roam oak forests (called dehesas)  and eat only acorns.


- Iberico de Recebo:

It is the product obtained from an Iberian pig lives and paste in the meadow, which has been fed from herbs and high quality feed, but that during the period of overburden (from autumn to late winter) are fed on acorns mixed with vegetables and cereals.

- Iberico de Cebo del Campo:

It is the product obtained from an Iberian pig who has lived and bred in the pasture but have only been fed with grain and vegetables. This pig has not eaten acorns and is considered to have walked the pasture if the site that is not cemented so they can tread the earth freely.


- Iberico de Cebo:

Is the product made from an Iberian pig that has never walked the pasture andhas been fed only with grain and other nutrients but have never tried an acorn.


The new proposal Interprofessional Association of Iberian pig (Asici) reached on amendments to the Quality Standard, and has been submitted to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment Miguel Arias Cañete, simplifies these 4 categories present in two.

If the ministry approves the new regulations would spend to have only two categories:

“Iberico de Bellota” and  ”Iberico de Cebo” (which shall have parks abroad for permanent exit from the pigs)

The intention is that no product called “Iberico” comes from a pig that never in his life has trod the meadow.

Remember also that the current standard of quality recognizes as Iberico the breed Iberian Cross (with a pure iberic mother and a Duroc or Duroc Jersey father), while the new proposal calls for a change to promote greater purity of the animal, and although not achieved what some associations request (the distinction between pure Iberian and Iberian crossed) they mark some new requirements so an Iberian pork must have a minimum cross 50% with mother Iberian 100%. This implies that the Duroc breeding “meat producers” no longer will be admissible.

And here’s a 5 minute video in which the program Agrosfera analyzes the Iberian Quality Standard. (video only in spanish)

And you What do you think the proposed changes?

Had you ever seen a ham the name “Country Iberian Bait”?