Interview to Ferran Adrià “A la Carta”

July 13, 2012 in News

A few days ago Ferran Adrià was interviewed in the Spanish Television.
We wanted to share with all of you who could view the guided by Julia Otero. It is in Spanish, but if you are interested in this video  you can see it full.

We would like to highlight one of the comments made by Ferran Adria when he was asked why he decided to change and close the restaurant and transform “El Bulli” into something new.

His response was “First of all because the team, these 13 people that form the Bulli, were asking me. They wanted  a change of life to be with their families from 8 at night.”

And “El Bulli” will be transformed into something completely new, non-existent so far. We still do not know how will El Bulli Foundation be, but we will try to keep you updated about this huge project.