Grilled goat cheese over beetroot with piquillo peppers vinaigrette.

July 25, 2012 in News, Recipes

This is an appetizer or first course that will delight and surprise cheese lovers.
It is simple to prepare and supports modifications, which allows it to be prepared if you have surprise guests and to be adapted to the tastes of our guests.

 Ingredients for 2 people:

- 2 slices of goat cheese
- 2 slices of bread
- 1 cooked beetroot
- Honey

For the vinaigrette:

- 2 piquillo peppers
- Oil
- Sherry Vinegar
- Sal


- Turn the grill on and set to high temperature.

- Cut the beets into slices not too thick and let them drain.

- Toast the two slices of bread and cut in a circle the size of the goat cheese.
Put a few drops of olive oil on the bread circles.

- Remove the goat cheese from the refrigerator (must be very cold) and paint the surface with honey.

- Place each slice of goat cheese on a toasted circle of bread.

- In a blender glass (or in a Thermomix) blend the 2 red peppers, and continue after adding a pinch of salt, 2 tablespoons of sherry vinegar and 6 tablespoons of olive oil. Blend all over again and keep.

- Place in the oven the toast with goat cheese, place on a tray with baking paper as high as possible in the oven and watch until the surface is just brown, if we have it too much time in the oven the cheese will melt.

- Remove from the oven the toasts and quickly assemble the dishes: Place the sliced beets in the center of a plate to be the basis on which we will place the toast. Finally decorate with the piquillo peppers vinaigrette and serve warm.

 Serving suggestion:

- You can surround the toast with the vinaigrette, so that if some guests do not like it they can eat the dish without mixing it.

- If you use seed bread it will greatly improve the flavor.

- For the goat cheese gratin you can use a kitchen torch, so we reduce the risk of melting the cheese.

- If we are to gratin goat cheese  in the oven, one trick is to freeze it before, so we have more time and we can prepare the vinaigrette, or decorate the dishes, while cheese and broil without fear that we quickly cover .

- This recipe could be served with anchovies laid on the goat cheese. They fit very well with the combination of flavors that we propose.

Possible changes:

- You can substitute goat cheese for brie or cammembert, the dish will become much smoother.

-  If you do not like piquillo peppers a vinaigrette of honey and mustard will also be great with this dish.


The traditional pairing for a dish like this would be a very dry white wine, fruity, it  would fall within varietal wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier or the Chenin Blanc with some oak aging to give it a bit more dryness.

We would propose such as The Quiet 2009 Rafols dels Caus Can.

But we would like to propose something different and ours, to pair a dish like this but very powerful flavor is nothing like a fine sherry, marry perfectly fine with this dish, including Sherry Manzanilla would perfect harmony if we just accompanying the dish with anchovies.

WE recommend you a Fino Classic de Fernando de Castilla.