Discovering the Mediterranean: Scuba diving

June 11, 2012 in News

As our name indicates, Ambrosia Mediterranean was born in the Mediterranean, a sea that washes the shores where we grew and we honor in appreciation of the culture and cuisine it  has given to us, as the Mediterranean diet has its origins in this sea.

When reading the word scuba someone may wonder,  what will they do? cook under water? Nothing like that, and we will not catch fiches and then cook them either. We have simply decided to get closer and to know more the Mediterranean Sea, and what better way than to dive into the water and see nature taking place in it and we eat.

For this adventure we’ve had the help of our friends from Dossotaigua, a diving center located in Platja d’Aro (Girona) whose instructors made us feel at home and enjoy the first dive with confidence and feeling secure.

We recommend, if you have time, to try this, even if it is just a once in a lifetime experience diving in the Mediterranean. You will be surprised to see how rich and interesting is our sea and the multitude of fish that you can see only a few meters from the coast.

We could see from flounder and sea bass to a giant starfish, not to mention the myriad of sea urchins that inhabit the underwater rocks of the Costa Brava.

It is quite common to hear “we are what we eat” and not without reason.
Every time we seek more quality in the products we eat: organic vegetables, free range eggs, meat from animals fed on vegetation instead of compound feed, and gradually they develop new regulations to ensure the quality of these food, and urged producers to comply.However, in the case of the sea, if it is in the hand of all of us to care.
Everyone who lives near the coast, or the beaches we visited on vacation, we have the opportunity to contribute to make sure the sea is in good condition and with it the fish we eat has not had to live among garbage.The sea is vast and can not see inside with the same ease with which we see an animal farm from the road, so we sometimes forget the great ecosystem that it contains, and we thought seeing its live is a great way to become aware .
We leave you with some underwater images in which I could see  John Dory images captured by divers from  Dossotaigua in Platja d’Aro.