In the world of the restoration was unthinkable to appeal to culinary advisors a few years ago.

Not too long ago businesses were inherited and  knowledge was passed on from father to son, at that time every restaurant and every bar had its way to work, and in many cases the work itself was a tradition more than a profession, so the idea of an outsider coming in and saying how to improve things was an utopia.

Currently, where business last the duration of the illusion of starting them, the figure of a gastronomic consultant becomes indispensable. Conducting a market study to see what kind of customers you want to focus your business, understand and manage the most suitable suppliers, objectively assess the reactions of customers and develop plans for improvement and adaptation are some of the basics for a business to survive in the actual demanding society.

Ambrosia Mediterranean, thanks to his experience and constant research to meet the current industry, is at your service for any type of query, since the creation of a style guide for its establishment, modification of the cuisine to satisfy what potential customers are looking for, the formation of both room service and in kitchen workers, and the introduction of important services to the client and  concepts related to nutrition and dietetics.

There is a wide gastronomicvoffer, weekly establishments come and go so the public has many options. The only way to survive in a this world is paying attention to detail and making a difference. A gastronomic consultant can show you small changes that will make a huge difference in the perception of your customers and help you make that your establishment remains on their memory as a place where to return.
If you want to discover all that our counseling service can do for you please contact us.

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