Cava Berdié. From the passion to the dream of a father of 3 children.

June 26, 2012 in News


Everything starts with the passion of a father, Robert Mor Jovani, who in 2000 decided to acquire the small winery Berdié, driven by passion to champagne. This passion, seen daily by their children turned for them into a dream that came true when in 2006, the father went to experience wines in the priory and all three, Sergi, Montsa ¬& Robert accepted the challenge and took the testimony.

With much work, effort and changes they began to sell the Cava Berdié throughout the year, showing us that there is another way of seeing the world, where dreams can be realized.

They are a young winery, vital and full of enthusiasm, which has decided to specialize in just the production and aging of cava. They have 7 hectares of vineyards around the winery, with all the varieties with which they work, but also part of the base wine they use is searched around the Penedès. The winemaker Pedro Campos, along with the father and the three brothers, compose the tasting group that decides between fifty wines which are the most appropriate basis for the blends of their cellars.

The variety of wineries that have it is difficult to highlight, all caves are very well designed, created for one type of situation or needs. If you are looking for a fun time with friends, no worries, the cava Rupestre Berdié will be perfect, if instead we want a moment of intimacy Cava Gran Reserva is perfect for meditation, if we want vital and bold pairings, the Cava Rosa and Amor are two magnificent cavaswith lots of character, covering an impressive range of possibilities from  Japanese food through seafood or anchovies until meat dishes and hunting preparations.

To pick and choose, we recommend you to visit, and try the sensorial experience when visiting the cellar, Montsa Jovani will guide you through a journey into the world Berdié, full of passion and champagne. Explaining ypou how each of their cavas  plays with the senses, experiments with scents, flavors and textures, to end up feeling the illusions and magic that surrounds the door to the cellar Penedès which is  Berdié .

Furthermore, this winery has added value to the social as under the lead of 5 caves to 5 charity projects,the  7% of sales made by Internet, phone or in their wine cellars will do to 5 charity projects.

We leave here the link to the photo gallery of our visit!