Beetroot and chicken salad

July 11, 2012 in Recipes

A simple proposal, fresh and light to these hot  when we just crave cold foods.

It has the advantage that we can use the previous day’s roast chicken and it gives us a way out of the traditional salad. It is delicious made from one day to another, so you can leave it in the fridge and have it ready for dinner without complications or having to spend time in the kitchen once the guests have arrived.


- Roasted/ boiled  chicken

- Pineapple in its own juice or natural

- Strips of beetroot

- Mayonnaise to taste

(We have not put quantities of the ingredients because according to the number of guests you can prepare the desired amount of salad, all you need is to maintaining approximately the same amount of chicken, pineapple and beetroot)



- Cut the pineapple into small pieces and leave it on a rack for you to lose fluid so it won’t water down the salad.

- Drain the strips of beetroot  (we can use a piede of  beetroot and cut it  into small pieces)

- Shred the chicken and cut it, it shouldn’t be made too small pieces to prevent not finding it in the salad.

- Mix the chicken, pineapple and beetroot in a salad bowl and stir, once everything is mixed it will take the color of the beetroot, then add mayonnaise to taste. The ideal is to have it all together but without too much sauce.

- Place in the refrigerator and serve cold.

Serving Suggestion:

- We can use the bark of a melon slice hollowed out, as you see in the image.

- Another option is to use the bark of a slice of pineapple, ideal if we used fresh pineapple.

- We can also place it in a leaf of iceberg lettuce, using the fact that it looks like a bowl.

Alternative suggestions:

- You can eat it without mayo, but it will  lose that creamy touch.

- You can substitute mayonnaise for yogurt for a lighter vesion of the recipe.



The traditional pairing to a dish like this, fresh, light and summery would be a young white wine, fruity with tropical touches in the aromas.

We would propose such a Feixes Can Selecció Blanc 2011.

But thinking about summer, terraces or beach, we would like to propose something different, because a pairing should not always involve wine, and in this casewe find perfect the harmony that is created when enjoyed this salad accompanied by a light beer, very fresh, aromatic and creamy.

A perfect candidate would be the Rosita Blue.