Raquel D.M.

Define Rachel professionally is something that even she can explain without giving a lot of explanations, because  nowadays Rachel is cook, baker, waiter, dining advicer, webmaster, designer of culinary events and more.

Since the tender age of 10 her family took over an hour waiting for dinner, while locked in the kitchen wouldn’t let anyone because ”Was cooking something special and surprise”. Many are the hours that Rachel has passed between stoves, and many more things has she been experiencing since those first crepes filled with vegetables.

After several courses in cooking and baking she came to the prestigious School of Hotel and Tourism of Madrid. She then moved to Cheste, where under the direction of Michel Albizu continued her training.

Today, and after passing through France and England, Rachel has experience in many areas of  catering management and has worked in all types of businesses, learning about it and becoming a person with large multidisciplinary adaptability and a critical perspective that allows her to keep up to the last news in the gastronomy scene.

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