Alfons M.A.

We could say that  Alfons  is clearly a vocational gourmet  and a professional sommelier.

He uses a clear rhetoric and with didactic tendencies, loves to talk about food, wines, wine pairings, this is a subject wich what he feels at home and loves to talk about. His silence on these conversations is full of attention, he enjoys learning and attaches great importance to any assessment.

Alfons considers that in order to transmit must first listen, so he can speak the same language that the people he guides during a tasting event. His experience behind the bar at several wineries in Barcelona, ​​makes him know firsthand what loves or doesn’t like the final consumer. He likes to move out of the characteristic strict style of his profession and give it an informal twist when possible.

Among racks at an event, it appears his most organizational and serene personal traits, his attention to detail and the pleasure he get after giving impeccable service. It was in Madrid as he led a wedding and catering company, where he learned to be a quiet man when the world runs.

Because of all this, getting training as a sommelier in the School of Hospitality in Barcelona was a way to shape his dreams and find his way. There he learned from great popularizers of wine, he learned to be critical, to appreciate the effort behind every bottle of wine and to enjoy his work.

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